Do you want to reduce your facilities bulky waste?

KenBay Rotary Compactor

The KenBay Rotary Compactor from Zero Waste Manufacturing is the solution you are looking for.
With this Rotary Compactor, your facility can:

  • Reduce your bulky waste by 5:1 with this Rotary Compactor
  • Save time and money with employees making fewer trips to a dumpster utilizing this Rotary Compactor by compacting your waste at the source
  • Decrease waste cost with fewer pick-ups using this KenBay Rotary Compactor
  • Ensure a cleaner, safer environment with no spills and no blowing trash with Waste Control International’s Rotary Compactor
  • Put up to 1,700lbs of trash into one neat and tidy 4’ x 4’ x 4’ bag.

The KenBay Rotary Compactor will benefit your facility by:

  • Compacting 10 yards of waste into one clean 4’ x 4’ heavy duty bag
  • Compactor waste bags fit on a pallet and are easy to handle
  • This Rotary Compactor only uses the same floor space as your regular trash dump system

Zero Waste Manufacturing’s KenBay Rotary Compactor is available in Stainless Steel for Food Manufacturing Facilities or for any facility needing a safe hygienic solution to waste collection.

The KenBay Rotary Compactor can help bring your facility closer to its goal of becoming a Zero-Landfill/Zero-Waste facility.
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