Zero Waste Manufacturing’s Polystyrene Compactor

Zero Waste Manufacturing has the solution to managing your facilities polystyrene recycling needs.


Zero Waste Manufacturing’s Polystyrene Compactors provide:

  • Volume reduction of 40:1
  • Low Maintenance
  • Advanced Technology for continuous use with a high compaction rate
  • Completely Automated Systems

Zero Waste Manufacturing’s Polystyrene Compactors are suitable for handling:

  • EPS polystyrene fish boxes/packaging
  • EPS Dust
  • Polypropylene (EPP) Packaging
  • Polyurethane packaging and insulation foam
  • And More…

Zero Waste Manufacturing representatives are available to help your facility find the right solution for your EPS compacting, Styrofoam recycling, and Polystyrene recycling needs, decreasing your waste and increasing your revenue. The right recycling equipment can bring your company closer to meeting its goal of zero waste and zero landfill.
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To view and/or download a pdf web version of the Polystyrene Compactor Brochure click here.