Stockroom Baler

Zero Waste Manufacturing’s Stockroom Baler is a great solution for baling your recyclables safely and efficiently.

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The Stockroom Baler works very well in the back storeroom of any retail environment or on any small production floor, with its small footprint of only 7.7 ft. sq. This Stockroom Baler will compact shrink-wrap or plastic into a 40-100 pound bale. It also works great for smaller cardboard boxes for a significant volume reduction.
With the Bale Trolley included you will not need to bring a forklift/fork truck onto the production or storeroom floor, increasing safety in the work area. Once tied off with twine, these bales can then be shipped to the recycling center by your local distribution center.

Increase your recycling, decrease your waste, and keep a tidy work environment with this hardworking, space saving Stockroom Baler.

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